Be The Leader Your Team Deserves

There are plenty of factors that decide how far you will go in your career but nothing is as important as the company’s leadership. Many people remain stagnant in a job simply because their respective leaders don’t value their growth or involvement.

Here is what you should do to be the leader your team deserves:

1) Ask for input.

Regardless of where they stand in an organization, everyone on your team has something to offer in the decision-making. You have to recognize that their input is valuable. Involve them in key meetings and always ask for their thoughts. You need all the perspective you can get and your team is always the best place to start.

2) Promote transparency.

Many leaders tend to leave their teams in the dark on problems the company goes through. By explaining the context of an issue, you are able to give them a better understanding. Being transparent with what’s going on will help your team navigate through situations better.

3) Provide opportunities to learn.

You are directly responsible for the growth of your team as professionals and individuals. Always look for ways for them to learn something new. Invite them to meetings they aren’t usually part of. Sponsor an online course. Share books and articles. Be committed to their growth by giving them the right opportunities. Their development as people will allow them to their work better.

4) Give feedback constantly.

A great leader knows how to give both positive and negative feedback. When you get the chance, praise your team for accomplishing a task or project. Don’t be selfish with your compliments. Similarly, always communicate the things they can do better at. Explain to them were they went wrong and offer ways they can make up for it.

5) Lead by example.

The best leaders are the ones who lead by example. Any value you uphold must be something you embody as well. It’s hard to commit to a standard when you’re barely reaching it yourself. If you want your team to be on time, you have to be on time. If you want your team to be transparent, you have to be transparent. Your team watches and scrutinizes your every move. You will be able to show them the way to success by practicing what you preach.

Recognize your responsibility.

Your responsibility as a leader goes beyond just financial metrics. Your team’s growth and overall morale should be a top priority. When you become the leader your team deserves, they become the driving force of your company’s success.

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