Stop Romanticizing Entpreneurship

Picture this. You wake up without an alarm on a weekday. You take half an hour to meditate, another half an hour to do some bodyweight exercises. You grab a light brunch before heading to the office so you can tackle the to-do’s you set the night before. You click some buttons, sign some checks. You takeContinue reading “Stop Romanticizing Entpreneurship”

Lessons And Failures From A Young Entrepreneur

My marketing agency turned one-year old last week!   When my partner and I opened business, nobody wanted to take a chance on us. We had to take a lot of bad contracts and do more work than we signed up for just so we could get going. We had clients who cut us offContinue reading “Lessons And Failures From A Young Entrepreneur”

Be The Leader Your Team Deserves

There are plenty of factors that decide how far you will go in your career but nothing is as important as the company’s leadership. Many people remain stagnant in a job simply because their respective leaders don’t value their growth or involvement. Here is what you should do to be the leader your team deserves:Continue reading “Be The Leader Your Team Deserves”

Five Things Every Teacher Struggles With

I’m just about about to wrap up my second year of teaching. I’m happy to say that it is still what I want to do for the rest of my life. However, just because I love it doesn’t mean it comes easy. Like many other professions, teaching has its own set of challenges — many of whichContinue reading “Five Things Every Teacher Struggles With”

The Privilege of Chasing Your Dreams

“Go and chase your dreams” is a popular piece of advice heard in many toasts, workshops, and speeches. It is also reckless and disconnected with the reality of life.  We all aspire to be or do something extraordinary. We all want to make our own money, win a championship, or perform and live out anContinue reading “The Privilege of Chasing Your Dreams”

The Mobile Apps I Use For Optimal Productivity

You are the average of the five apps you spend the most time with. Yes, it’s the wrong quote but it still makes a lot of sense! There are millions of apps available at your disposal. Having the right ones can help you live a more productive life. Here are my favorite ones: FOR WORK Asana – MyContinue reading “The Mobile Apps I Use For Optimal Productivity”