Lessons And Failures From A Young Entrepreneur

My marketing agency turned one-year old last week!   When my partner and I opened business, nobody wanted to take a chance on us. We had to take a lot of bad contracts and do more work than we signed up for just so we could get going. We had clients who cut us offContinue reading “Lessons And Failures From A Young Entrepreneur”

Be The Leader Your Team Deserves

There are plenty of factors that decide how far you will go in your career but nothing is as important as the company’s leadership. Many people remain stagnant in a job simply because their respective leaders don’t value their growth or involvement. Here is what you should do to be the leader your team deserves:Continue reading “Be The Leader Your Team Deserves”

Why You Must Dream For Others

I wanted to share a piece of my discussion in class last Friday. I had just given them a lecture on technology and innovation. We talked about how some startup companies are changing the world as we know it. This was the short reflection at the end of the class. This is non-verbatim since IContinue reading “Why You Must Dream For Others”