How To Clear Your Monkey Mind

One of the most profound concepts I picked up last year was the “monkey mind”.

It is a Buddhist term coined over 2000 years ago but is still relevant today. The “monkey mind” came from the observation that our minds’ natural state is one that is unsettled, indecisive, and easily distracted. Buddha said that there are dozens of monkeys running around our heads — each one representing a negative feeling or thought.

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Advice I Wish I Had In High School

Today I had the honor of speaking at the Ateneo Senior High School’s Reading of Honors ceremony. It was particularly significant for me because I never got an academic award in high school. My younger self is out there somewhere laughing his ass off at the irony.

Below is the speech I gave to the awardees AND the rest of the batch who didn’t get on stage. Works well for the young and the young at heart!

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What I Am Most Thankful For

“Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I have travelled to many beautiful places. I have learned from the wisest of people. I have chased dream after dream — sometimes achieving them, most times failing to reach them. But among all the opportunities I have been given, there is one thing I am most thankful for.

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Freelancer to Founder in Six Months

WARNING: Slightly long read ahead.

Like many crazy stories, mine began with a messy break up.

After a rough ride, I stepped down from a food startup that I co-founded. It was a difficult decision but one that I had to make. The whole it’s not you, it’s me sorta thing. This freedom however came with a price: loads of free time and no income. While I did have other projects ongoing, none of them would allow me to sustain myself. So with zero experience and not a single client to my name, I did the unthinkable.

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Why You Should Pick Up a Podcast

If you thought radio was dead, you are wrong.

Listening to radio shows may be a dying pastime but the spirit lives on in the future of the platform: podcasting.

In case you didn’t know, podcasts are simply audio files readily available for download straight to your laptop or mobile device. They often come in a series to which you can subscribe, usually for free. Just like your typical radio show, topics can range from anything to everything.

And I really mean everything.

Last year, I got hooked on podcasting almost by necessity. I wanted to get in some extra learning but my schedule made it difficult for me to read books. I couldn’t find time to read during the day and I was always too tired when I got home. So I thought “Why not replace my commute music with a podcast?” Continue reading →