Stop Romanticizing Entpreneurship

Picture this. You wake up without an alarm on a weekday. You take half an hour to meditate, another half an hour to do some bodyweight exercises. You grab a light brunch before heading to the office so you can tackle the to-do’s you set the night before. You click some buttons, sign some checks. You takeContinue reading “Stop Romanticizing Entpreneurship”

Why You Must Dream For Others

I wanted to share a piece of my discussion in class last Friday. I had just given them a lecture on technology and innovation. We talked about how some startup companies are changing the world as we know it. This was the short reflection at the end of the class. This is non-verbatim since IContinue reading “Why You Must Dream For Others”

Life Is A Game Of Confidence

During my years in theater, we would put up plays that required a short performance between major segments. Our resident saxophonist had just graduated, leaving behind a huge hole to fill in our act. I was always enamored by the instrument so I decided to pick it up and learn it myself. I had aboutContinue reading “Life Is A Game Of Confidence”