I am the Managing Partner of Huskee Digital — an inbound marketing agency committed to creating human and helpful brands. We specialize in content marketing, media buying, lead generation, and ecommerce optimization. We work with clients who operate inside and outside the Philippines. We’re proud to be a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner.

Yes, we’re named after the dog. No, I don’t have a husky…yet!

I’m a serial failure. It took me six attempts before I finally got this entrepreneurship thing right. I dabbled in tech, food, and recruitment before I found my love for marketing.

I have a passion for public speaking. I have found that the more I teach, the more I also learn. I’m hired by business owners, government offices, and large corporations to train their marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

As of 2020, I have done over 80 of these speaking engagements all over the country.

I am also one of the youngest faculty members of Ateneo de Manila University where I spent the entirety of my schooling life. I serve as a lecturer in the Leadership and Strategy department where I teach management, leadership, and communicating across cultures. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.

My goal is simple: be the best that I can be so that I can be more for other people.

During my spare time, I like lifting weights and showing young people that they can make a difference. I love chicken nuggets, gummy bananas, and the Chicago Bulls.